Thursday, May 22, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] An NGO made these poor kids in Maharashtra smile

An NGO made these poor kids in Maharashtra smile

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Most schools in rural India stand in a dilapidated state. The others that run regularly lack basic requirements like chairs, desks, and proper lighting. Without a desk, these children attend classes sitting on the floor with a hunched back. Poor eyesight, bad posture, and bad handwriting are some of the consequences of not having basic necessities in schools.

An NGO named Aarambh came up with an interesting solution to help school children in rural India. In an extremely effective and economical manner, the NGO collected discarded carton from retailers, corporate houses, and retail outlets. Using a stencil design, the cartons were then folded to form a portable desk known as 'Help Desk', which also doubles up as a school bag.

These bags and desks made of carton were made in less than Rs. 10 and are now being used by these children every day.

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