Sunday, May 4, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] 10 reasons why every Indian is deeply attached to mangoes

From mango shakes to aam ka achaar: 10 reasons why every Indian is deeply attached

Why are Indian mangoes so popular and why is it that every refrigerator in India is stocked with mangoes with the advent of summers? As kids, most of us have been adventurous enough to risk our lives by climbing the neighbour's mango trees and plucking this object of desire without being caught. The mere sight of mangoes on the roadside stall will make you stop whatever you're doing and rush to check the price and take home at least a couple of kilograms of this fruit.

Why exactly are we so obsessed with the fruit? Why is it an unwritten rule to have mangoes every day in summers?

Mango shake: You would look forward to a summer evening for two reasons – relief from the scorching sun and home-made mango shakes that you're going to consume till the last drop in the glass reaches your throat.

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