Sunday, May 11, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] Darker side of Facebook addiction, Must Watch

It is a daily routine to log in to Facebook and scroll down to check every update on your newsfeed. Your newsfeed will always have different kinds of people some will include you real life friends and a few people here and there you have no idea about, but still have them on your list anyway. This short film called 'sTaTus' is the story of one such Facebook addict.

This short movie is produced and directed by a bunch of students from IIT Kharagpur who call themselves Naughty IITians. The story revolves around a college student Dev, who comes across a Facebook profile called 'Aleron Sunnshine', which is later discovers is girl called Isha. This anonymous profile intrigues this student so much that he completely forgets about his exams and stalks this profile every day. He finds out details about this girl through a mutual friend and figures she is depressed after one of her closest friends committed suicide.

The virtual world takes over Dev's life and he spends hours every day thinking of what that anonymous profile must be going through. It touches upon the dangerous side of social media and how seriously we have begun to take the virtual world. Though the YouTube video is over a year old, it is still pretty much relevant.

Darker side of Facebook addiction, Must Watch

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