Sunday, May 11, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] Mother's Day Special - Cutest Mothers in TV Ads

Like angels they touch our lives and make us complete human beings! Yes, they are our cute mothers who manage to bring out the best in us, unfailingly. Somehow are Indian TV ads seem to capture what being mother is all about and make us believe that they are simply a godsend! From the pregnant woman who prepares for a new chapter in her life to the mom who goes out of her way to welcome her daughter-in-law into the family, here are a few advertisements that make us smile.

Mum's the Word! This month on Love ever Group we show you how to celebrate your mom like never before. Pamper her silly and spoil her rotten 'coz she deserves it, don't you think? From the best gifts for your mom to celebrity moms we love and lessons our moms taught us to why being a mother is so special, we go all out to express our love for our moms and yours too!

Mother's Day Special - Cutest Mothers in TV Ads

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