Friday, February 14, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] Valentine's Day Spl - We wrote half a love story, you complete it with logical end

Valentine's Day Spl - We wrote half a love story, you complete it with logical end

On this Valentine's Day, we have come up with an idea to test your creativity. Here is the beginning of a story, but without an end. Now, the onus is on you to complete it in a believable way.

Sam looks disturbed these days. He has been like this since two-three weeks now. He doesn't speak up even when Rakhi teases him about his jacket, which he has refused to change in last seven days. Actually, his name is Samrat, but his mother Vinny never called him by this name. She never revealed the reason behind it, but once his father jokingly said that Samrat was the name of the guy to who she was earlier supposed to marry. The guy had left for New Zealand in search of better career prospects only to return with a wife who hated India and its traditional society.

Sam and Rakhi are childhood friends; the type who knows each other's most guarded secrets. In fact, Sam was the only one who knew that Rakhi is dating Samar, the school topper. There platonic relationship was quite evident to everybody as they were hardly secretive of anything.

Sam's adolescence was not actually a mystery for his mother who had devised a formula to communicate about the tough topics. Like most of the conventional Indian families, they can't openly chat about topics related to se* and behaviour changes. Vinny put a cardboard box on Sam's study table in which he could put his queries, which Vinny would answer later. But, that box is empty since some days.

Actually, it all started with a phone call. Sam had just entered the house when the phone rang. Somebody was asking about Vinny. On realising that Sam is Vinny's son, the tone of the voice just changed and the phone got disconnected. But, there was something about that voice which got stuck in Sam's mind. He tried to reconstruct the effect of that female voice in his head for many times, but all he could remember was a name that was pronounced in the background. Somebody had called Rhea while that voice was interacting with Sam.

Now, from here onwards you have to give a logical end to the story. You can write your version of the story in the comment box.

Please Complete the Story.......................

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