Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] 26 ways in which our desi parents embarrass us.

26 ways in which our desi parents embarrass us.

It's a fact. All of us have been embarrassed by our parents at some point or the other just as they have been embarrassed by us many many times.
Whether it's their out-of-touch habits or their trying to be 'cool' in front of your friends, our desi parents can basically make us wish we weren't ever born.
Raise your hands if you've been addressed by your absurd nicknames - Chintu, Sonu, Bubbles, Ricky, and many more sound effects masquerading as petnames -
 in front of friends and colleagues even as grown ups. Well, you are certainly not alone. Here are 26 ways in which our desi parents embarrass us.

They call you by your nickname in front of your friends and colleagues: You studied, went to college, did your own thing and became a big shot in an IT company.
Don't fly yet. You're still your mom's 'Chintu' and that will never change. Be it in front of friends, bosses or your subordinates, you'll always be 'Chintu' for your parents
and they will make sure everybody you know knows that.

They stalk you on Facebook, leave comments like 'beautiful' and 'handsome' on your photos and give you a lecture on morality
when you post NSFW links: Moms are always there to make us feel special about ourselves. For them, their kids are perfect.
However, it can be a tad embarrassing when this affection spills out on the social network. Comments like 'so beautiful',
'so handsome' or even Captain obvious statements like 'my daughter/son' below our FB profile pictures provide enough fodder
to our friends to pull our leg until someone else's mom takes over. And, with your parents on your friend list on FB,
you also run the risk of being lectured when you post something that's hilarious but a bit graphic.

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