Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] The unconditional love and strength of a woman and mother, Must Watch

The unconditional love and strength of a woman and mother, Must Watch

World over, a woman is regarded as a pillar of strength. She is emotionally much stronger and will not falter 
as she takes almost anything in her stride. Wacoal Thailand, a lin*erie brand, is running a campaign on 
My Beautiful Woman and I absolutely love all their ads.

This one especially showcases the strength of a woman and how if she is determined, she can surmount any challenge. 
It makes you cry, it makes you feel strong and it makes you realise that you are just as strong. It makes you wonder 
who is stronger - the woman in you or the mother in you. It will leave you speechless and you will probably wipe off 
a few tears as you realise that if you are determined, you can battle even life.

There is so much more to every woman and yet she is the one who is judged the most. She is judged as a girlfriend, a wife, 
a woman who can’t bear a child and a mother. This video does not feature any special woman, because she is just a mother who could be anyone of us.

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