Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] Flying etiquette every Indian should know and follow

Flying etiquette every Indian should know and follow

Don't make a mess: You are not the only one who's going to use that toilet in the plane. 

Please be kind enough to leave it clean after you're done with your business there. 

Why should other people have to deal with your mess?

Control that urge to talk: Don't try to chat up your co-passenger, especially 

when he/ she is reading or listening to music. They might like their privacy and you have to respect that.

Mind your own business: Don't peek into your co-passenger's gadget on the flight. If you want to stay 

entertained during the journey, get your own device. Nobody, really...nobody likes it when others try and look into their laptop screens.

Don't be a loudspeaker: We understand that you need to tell your folks when your flight is about to take off 

or even after it has landed and you need to be picked up from the airport. 

What we don't understand is the need to tell everyone on board the plane that. 

Talk softly and if you can't, send a message. 

That would serve the purpose too, right?

Drink only as much as you can take: Yes, you are served alcoholic beverages on international flights. 

But, the only reason why you are being served is so that you can relax and feel comfortable during your long journey. 

It is not for you to get drunk or hammered on. Plus, you don't want to get to a 

point where the airline crew is forced to refuse service to you, right? 

Hold your drink and don't drink if you don't have the stomach for it. Period.

Mind others' space: How many times have you seen Indians using their random co-passenger's shoulder as a pillow? 

Too many times. It's time we stop doing that. Nobody likes being a pillow for someone they don't know. 

Buy those easily-available cushioned headrests before you catch your next flight.

Don't be a lech: It's not hard to spot Indian unlcejis and boys shamelessly ogling at air hostesses on flights. 

Guys, it's not cool. In fact, it looks very very cheap.

Let those little plastic bottles be: Unless you can't control your thirst from the plane to the conveyor belt, 

there is no need to take the little plastic bottles along with you.

Give bargaining a break: Bargaining is almost synonymous with being Indian. 

We are so used to bargaining that we find it almost impossible to spare haggling over food prices when on board a flight. 

Food prices on flights are on the higher side, everybody knows that. So, not much will come out of haggling over that sandwich price, anyway. 

There is NOTHING that the crew can do about it. If you don't want to spend, eat well before you board the plane.

Be patient: Your luggage isn't going anywhere. And, it will certainly not come on the conveyor belt 

any faster by pushing people around to find a spot for you. Even if you miss it in the first round, don't worry, it will come back full circle.

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