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[Hindi Jokes] Shayaris, Jokes, Quotes (17.01.15)




 हाँ मैं डरता हूँ कहने से , कि मुझे मुहब्बत है तुमसे , 

मेरी जिंदगी बदल देगा , तेरा इकरार भी इनकार भी ....


एक बार और देख के आज़ाद कर दे मुझे...💞

मैं आज भी तेरी पहली नज़र के कैद में हूँ…🎭


If u feel depressed in life.... open ur mailbox...

When I open my mailbox, I find:

10 banks are giving me easy loans.

I have won GBP 10000000 and USD 500000 for unknown reasons.

10 Job companies have best jobs for me.

5 matrimonial sites have most suited matches for me.

Dr. Batra has claimed that he will cure my hair fall & greying.

3 universities are giving me degrees in random subjects.

And to top it all ...

Approx 70-80 mails from Priya, Payal, & Neha who are feeling lonely and want to meet me.

Zindagi main aur kya chahiye?


"The Biggest Advantage of Walking on the Path of Truth is...

It is Never Crowded ".


In all things it is better to hope than to despair.🌞


बीवी को समझाना मतलब :

32 GB का कोई एक Video Download करना.

और 31.5 GB Download होनेके बाद .....

आखिर में Error दिखना !!!!


What you get by achieving your goals is 

not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.🌞


उजाले अपनी यादों के हमारे साथ रहने दो..

न जाने किस गली में जिन्दगी की शाम हो जाये..


इश्क वो जुआं है मेरे दोस्त 

💖💖जहाँ इक्का रानी के सामने झुकता है!..


No one has ever made themselves great 

by showing how small someone else is.


🌞"To plant a garden means is to believe in tomorrow"



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