Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[Hindi Jokes] The Rickshaw Business(Mumbai)-



The Rickshaw Business(Mumbai)- 

It is the only profession where you can loot the common man upfront and common man cannot do any thing. Here are some of my observations.

1. They run on CNG gas and thier meter works as per Petrol price- WHY?

2. They want to increase the meter price immediately if there is an increase in the petrol price even by 50 paise, but today the petrol price has reduced by more than Rs.10, but there is no information on the reduction of Rickshaw Meter-WHY?

3. Even after we are ready to pay thier price, it is upto the rickshaw wala whether to accept the passengers drop destination-Why?

4. Rickshaw meters are tampered,even the new electronic meters- there is no random check if the meter works as per government standards.

5. If the rickshaw driver fills his CNG tank in the morning at 9 am which would cost him not more than Rs.150, he can use the same till evening 7 pm and he can make than Rs.800 to 1200 per day. 

What do I do when I travel in Rickshaw:

I start a conversation by praising the rickshaw and its great condition, even though it is not. Then I ask him Bhaiyaji, this new electronic meter is helpful or not, and listen to his crap. Most of them will be dissatisfied with the new meter. Then I tell them why are you guys unhappy, the customers are the ones who are suffering. You guys are using CNG and your meter is running on Petrol rate. Try this, the look on the drivers face will amaze you. 

Please note: Do not try this when traveling alone or at night.

We need a change on this system. Lets start a movement and share it with our new government. share it with your friends, ask the rickshaw fellows every time you travel in a rickshaw, why is your meter on petrol price.

From an Awake Mumbaikar


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