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[Hindi Jokes] Jokes, Shayaris, Quote (27.06.14)


Jokes messages are only for entertainment. No one should take it as personal.
They are jokes and take is as a joke...
Sorry if in-case i have hurt someone....



Buddha was not a Buddhist.
Jesus was not a Christian. 
Muhammad was not a Muslim. 

They were TEACHERS who taught 

LOVE was their RELIGION.


"Hain!!! PM ko itni respect milti hai?

Mujhe toh kisi ne bataya hee nahi"

~ Manmohan singh. 


Kuch khamosh members dhyan de.. 

Sarkar badal gayi hai. 

Ab Manmohanji PM nahi rahe...

Start Communicating. ..


"The more I do, the more WE can do."


माँ कहती है,
बिल्ली रास्ता काटे तो रुक जाना चाहिए.

मैं रुक जाता हूँ..।
अंध-विश्वास को नहीं मानता,

" मैं माँ को मानता हूँ"...।।।


Kabhi Sab Kuch Keh Kar
Bhi Baat Adhuri Reh Jaati Hai,

Toh Kabhi Kuch Na Keh Kar Bhi
Baat Poori Ho Jati Hai,

Keh Do Wo Har Baat
Jo Zaruri Hai Kehna,

Kyunki Kabhi Zindagi Bhi
Bewaqt Poori Ho Jaati Hai....


You have to cross a lot of bridges in life to get where you dream to....

The worst of them all to cross is the Goregaon - Dindoshi Flyover.


Mein "Narendra Damodardas Modi" 

is definitely the second best Dialogue after 

" Vijay Dinanath Chauhan" 


An emotional story.....
Left a deep impact. 
Worth sharing.

Story goes :

Fathers death
Son decides to leave mom to old age home
Would visit her on and off
Once son receives call from old age home.... 
Mom serious ...please come to visit 
Son comes and asks mom what can I do for you
Mom replies....
please install fans in the old age home ....there are none
Son questions .....all this while you were here you never complained you have few hours left you are saying .....why?

Mom says's ok , I've managed without it .....but when your children will send you here, you will not be able to manage ....


The pain of missing friends
is realized when
U r standing some where and
see a
group of friends having
U smile and say to urself .


Nawaz Shareef: Modi Ji, there is scarcity of water in Pakistan

Modi: What can I do?

Shareef: Can you ask Sunny
Deol to return our handpumps


There r 3 Dolls in man's life.
1. His Daughter as Barbie Doll
2. His Gf as Baby Doll
3. His Wife as DAMADOL !!!!



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