Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Hindi Jokes] Joke of the Day

A couple watching an IPL match on the TV together. After five minutes:

Wife: Is that Bret Lee?
Husband: No. He is Chris Gayle. Bret Lee is the bowler.

Wife: Bret Lee is smart. He should be in the movies like his brother.
Husband: He does not have an actor brother.

Wife: What about Bruce Lee?
Husband: No no, Bret Lee is an Australian.

Wife: OK. Look. Another wicket in just two minutes.
Husband: No. It is called action replay.

Wife: Looks like India is going to win this one.
Husband: It is not India. It is Bangalore vs Kolkatta.

Wife: Why is the umpire calling for a helicopter.
Husband: He is not calling for a helicopter. It's a free hit.
Wife: Did the spectators not pay for the tickets? Why is it a Free Hit?

Wife: Now whom is he saying 'HI' to?
Husband: He is signalling a 'Bye'.
Wife: Why is he saying 'Bye. Is the game over?

Wife: How many runs to win?
Husband: 72 in 36 balls
Wife: Ah. That is easy. Just 2 runs in 1 ball.

Frustrated husband turns off the TV. Wife turns it on and watches 'Saraswasti Chandra'.
Husband: Who is this Saraswati Chandra?
Wife: Don't you dare disturb me...

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