Saturday, September 21, 2013

[Hindi Jokes] Funny SMS Collection

Funny SMS Collection

Teacher: Why the Jain community is generally very rich?
Student: Ma'm, it's because they don't eat onions!

English Mother : Good night, dear!
Hindi Mother: Shubh Ratri, Beta!
Punjabi Mother: So Ja Kuteya! Mobile Da Kheda Chadd De! Rakh De Apne Peo Nu Hun...
Phone Wali Maa Naal Svere Gala Kr Lei!

Boy: How are you?
Girl : Hi! Do I know you?
Boy: I am RICH.
Girl: Hi! I am Jessica. Nice to meet you. What is your name?
Boy: Rich is my name.
Girl: Sorry, I don't talk to boys!

Hard fact of married life:
Your wife misses you the most when you're partying with your friends!

New word being considered to be incorporated in Oxford Dictionary:
Man-mohan- ed: Verb
Meaning: Silenced by a lady, especially by the self assumed more powerful woman...

Used as: My wife and I had an argument; she yelled and I Manmohaned!

What does 1$ buy you today?
Masala Dosa and Coke.

What does 1 Rupee buy you?
Only a video on Airtel showing how to cook the Masala Dosa!

Dear Onion, Dollar and Petrol;

No matter how much you rise day in and day out, I'll always never change.

Sincerely Yours,

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