Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Hindi Jokes] My Love..

My Love..


It all started in school,
Where relationships grew.
A swan-toad love was odd,
But, nevertheless, we endured.

I loved you like no one could,
You loved me when no one would.
Everything's perfect to us,
There's no questions to ask.

We ventured into a world of love,
Without thinking if its worth.
Moments we had were unforgetable,
And replacing them was impossible.

Since the day I fell for lust,
Our relationship was unable to last.
A painful break up was left assured,
When chances to change were not treasured.

Fact that I'm through burning hell,
Learning upon losing had proven well.
I tried to touch her shattered heart,
But it was indeed very hard.

Relationships are set by fate,
And I am obviously too late.
Now she'd accepted another guy,
It's awkward for me to say "Hi!".

Though my eyes are emptied of tears,
Cries from my heart, I can hear.
Each and every of my cell,
Desires Fiona to be treated well.

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