Sunday, May 26, 2013

[Hindi Jokes] I just can't survive a day without you..!!

I just can't survive a day without you..!!

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I love you a lot and I want you to know,
No matter what I will never let you go,
and I would give up everything for you,
but I just can't survive a day without you..!!

Every time when we are together,
it seems to last longer than forever,
coz I just can't take my eyes of you,
for I love you now and I'll always do..!!

Whenever you put your arms around,
my feet cant seem to touch the ground,
and I promise to love you till the day I die,
because your love gives me wings to fly..!!

I wish I could hold you close and,
say how much I've always loved you,
Instead of just standing here and,
thinking about how much I miss you..!!

If only there were words to say,
how much I love you everyday,
I would have said it in the start,
your love is all I have in my heart..!!

Your words are a sweet memory,
and your smile shines like a star,
you don't need to change for me,
because I love you the way you are..!!

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