Monday, October 21, 2013

[Hindi Jokes] Joke of the Day

1. Ishant Sharma is God's answer to BCCI's wrongdoings.

2. Newton's 3rd law modified: For every N Srinivasan, there is an equal and opposite Ishant Sharma.

3. Dear Dhoni, Ishant Sharma ko OLX pe bech de.

4. Ishant Sharma makes people miss Ashish Nehra.

5. Dhoni would have bowled better than Ishant Sharma. In fact, even Duncan Fletcher would have.

6. It wasn't Faulkner, it wasn't Voges. Australia's match winner tonight was Ishant Sharma.

7. If ever there was an Orange Cap award for bowlers, Ishant Sharma would win it hands down.

8. Ajit Agarkar would be having second thoughts on his retirement after looking at Ishant Sharma bowl.

9. Restaurants to rename 'unlimited' offer packages to 'Ishant Sharma' packages.

10. Ishant Sharma should be called Lord Ishant Sharma henceforth.

11. Ishant Sharma doesn't like to cut his hair because he wants to hide his face when bowlers thrash him around the park.

12. BCCI should consider giving Ishant Shamra voluntary retirement.

13. When Ishant Sharma bowls, it's a working holiday for all fielders. Of course, the spectators are the real fielders.

14. Ishant Sharma doesn't need a towel to indicate that he's giving away runs.

15. Colors to give Ishant Sharma a wild card entry to Big Boss season7.

16. Abey Kuruvilla can bowl better than Ishant Sharma.

17. Dhoni isn't India's greatest finisher, Ishant Sharma is.

18. Ishant Sharma has the ability to overshadow Sir Ravindra Jadeja.

19. At this rate, Ishant Sharma would end up with the most number of centuries (with the ball) for India in ODIs.

20. LOL is Ishant Sharma's middle name.

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