Saturday, June 1, 2013

[Hindi Jokes] Good Morning to ALL

People often feel smthin bt xpress smthin else
Dey mean smthin but say smthin else
So learn d art of sayin nothin
in such a way dat it leavs nothin unsaid…
Good Morning
Let me KISS ur LIPS,
 Let me FEEL ur TEETH,
 let me TASTE ur TONGUE,
this is your friend COLGATE !
 reminding u 2 brush.
Be a diode to remove -ve thinking,
 A transistor to amplify the Character….
A resistor to drop Bad habits,
 A capacitor to store Good thoughts….
Tackle life with all ur Skill,
2 Overcome each & every Hill,
 If u persist with all ur Will,
 U'll enjoy ur life & all its Thrill.
 So just Chill...Good Morning
Aaj pyari se subah boli,
Utth dekh kya nazara hein....
Par meine bola, pehele usko to sms karoon jo subeh se bhi pyaara hein!!!
Good Morning!!


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