Sunday, June 16, 2013

[Hindi Jokes] Miss You SMS, MSGS & Quotes

Miss You SMS, MSGS & Quotes

Lovely Mails from Love Ever Group's Network
The distance between us may be miles and years
but it will not change the fact that I hope you are missing me too!

When my arms can't reach you, I always hug you with my prayers.
Missing you!

I have learnt:
How to love, kiss and care for you;
How to be happy, wise and contented;
How to be strong, honest and faithful;
How to forgive, forget and make up;
But I could never learn as to how to stop missing you!

Baby, I miss you. Please close your eyes
and come meet me in my dreams tonight!

Tears don't come when you miss a person
but they come when you don't want to miss a person!
Miss you, my love!

I can love you so much;
but I can never love you as much as I miss you!

I miss you so much because it's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember!

I gonna write "I MISS U" on all the bricks
and I really wish that one of them falls on your head
so that you may know how it hurts
when you miss someone special like you!

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